Kærgaardens Margaux PAH 48

Modern type Palomino stallion. Born May 22nd 2000.

Beautiful palomino colour with good contrast to white mane and tail.

1.68 cm. over shoulder.

Examined trainer Sanne Lorenzen is training the horse for show jumping. At the moment the equipage is competing in national shows on height 130cm. (max. for 6 year old). with very god results. The latest result is qualification to the semi finals in the Danish championship for 6 year old.

He’s god speed and very economic and cautious style always gives him a good chance to be in the front group.

The short term goals are national show in September and semi finales in the national championship.

Margaux holds a breeding license from the Danish Palomino Society and the German ZfDP



Kærgaardens Amarone

Sire: Kærgaardens Margaux PAH 48

Mare: MAKI af Nedergaard RDH 3757

Grandsire: Bernstein DVH 696


Sire foal Kærgaardens Cadeaux 5 days old.

Sire: Kærgaardens Margaux

Mare: Kærgaardens Bernadotte

Grandsire: Bernstein DVH 696